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Our identity

As main shareholder of the Fund, Reliance Polska has maintained a leadership position in the Polish financial advisory sector since 2017. This achievement is attributed to the expertise of professionals who have played instrumental roles in shaping the industry within Poland.
The strategic emphasis on New Technologies stems from our commitment to investing in companies exhibiting substantial growth potential while adhering to optimal risk parameters. Poland’s standing as a global leader in new technologies, giving rise to renowned brands, underscores the untapped opportunities within this domain. Recognizing this potential, Reliance New Technology is dedicated to unlocking value by concentrating on enterprises poised for expansive global growth.

Investors' interests are our utmost priority.

As a respected investment advisor, our specialization lies in the strategic allocation of capital towards pioneering technology ventures. Utilizing our expertise and distinctive methodology, we serve as strategic partners, evaluating and investing in high-potential projects at the forefront of innovative technologies. Joining the RNT investor community ensures not only staying informed about cutting-edge market trends but also actively shaping the future of technology through your contributions.

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